Meal Prep

Let Us Cook For You

Healthy and Hearty Meals

How it Works:


We prepare organic, plant-based, and always gluten-free meals made with as many local ingredients as possible. Each week will include fresh soups, salads, and plant-based entrees. There will be an emphasis on including lots of veggies, meals will also include organic grains, nuts, and legumes to create balanced nutrition.

When we deliver we will give you a menu of all your items, so you know what you will be enjoying that week. You will need to trust us to come up with delicious offerings. We are inspired by the food we buy and sometimes do not know until the last minute what magical creation we will be crafting. It’s like having a personal chef that makes you healthy food. We will need to know any food allergies or dislikes, in advance of course.


Meal prep package includes:


(4) hot entrees

(3) large salads

(1) 32oz soup

Service Cost:


Food is delivered weekly for $155.


*Minimum plan duration 1 month.

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