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Vicki's Meal Plan Blessing

Oh My Gosh, your meals are incredible and I’m turning back into a vegetarian. I’ve been waiting to bite into something that I didn’t like since I’m a picky eaters but I now look forward to meal time. Everything has been delicious. I’ve also been able to get more than one meal out of each. The timing of these meals are very much appreciated. Up until now I’ve lost my appetite for cooking and eating due to my life partner passing away in December. Meal time was always a time for us to be together and talk. I’m now navigating a new normal of eating alone and your meals are bringing me comfort as they are healthy and fabulous tasting. I’ve been craving organic and wholesome foods and these meals are marvelous. I also love the fact that you are paying it forward. My husband was a huge fan of helping others who are less fortunate and was extraordinarily kind to those he came upon. He’s smiling down upon the good work you are doing. The world needs you and your team. In kindness, Vicki P.S. I’ll be dropping Susan and Drea a note to thank them as well for their generosity.
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